Bogdan is a junior champion

Powerlifting is a sport in which you try to lift up a max weight in different styles. The participants have 3 chances at each lifting style-one try at the deadlift, another at squats and another at the bench press. This sport is usually separated in different categories based on the age and the weight, and the winner is the one that gets the total of kg lifted up. Our colleague Bogdan Vandici from XI A is doing powerlifting from about 1 year and a half and have already exceptional results. Lets see what Bogdan can say about this sport and his performances.

Reporter: What does powerlifting mean to you?
Bogdan: For me powerlifting is a passions, which i practice from about 1 year, with my best friends

Reporter: Where do you train?
Bogdan: Depends on the training period, usually at the Gladiator gym.

Reporter: What results do you have until now?
Bogdan: Recently I succeeded in getting on the biggest step on the podium at the nation championship for kids and cadets, which took place at Alba Iulia.

Reporter: How was the competition?
Bogdan: They were about 100 participants from different places from the country and we were separated in groups depending on our age and weight.

Reporter: What were your results?
Bogdan: I participated at the 83 kg category/17-18 years old, lifting up a total of 425 kg

Reporter: Were you expecting to win?
Bogdan: No, because I did not know the participants.

Reporter: How did you feel after you won?
Bogdan: Great, because i reached a goal long time waited.

Reporter: Which are your future plans?
Bogdan: This year, my objective is to compete at the Romanian Cup, and why not, to win it.

Reporter: Did your life changed from this passion.
Bogdan: Until this moment, i meet special peoples which gave me some very important life lessons. (translated by George Borodan)

see original text at: BOGDAN E CAMPION LA CADEŢI



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