A humbling experience

În perioada 24-28 aprilie 2023, un grup de 25 de elevi și zece profesori ai Colegiului Național Onisifor Ghibu Oradea au participat la o mobilitate Erasmus la școala parteneră Szkoła Mistrzostwa Sportowego din Wieliczca, Polonia. Această mobilitate a avut loc în cadrul proiectului Erasmus United we stand. Divided we fall, cu numărul 2022-1-RO01-KA121-SCH-000065509. Deoarece cel de-al doilea an al Acreditării Erasmus Educație Școlară are ca teme Incluziunea, Toleranța și Diversitatea, am ales vizita la lagărul de concentrare Auschwitz Birkenau, pentru a ilustra ce efecte a avut în trecut discriminarea și lipsa toleranței. (Prof. LUCIA CIGHIR)

My experience visiting Auschwitz was very particular. I feel I left the place a lot more informed than I had been before. I have learned many things about the life of the people who were detained.

I feel humbled for having the chance to visit this place. They were places in which I saw piles of shoes, clothes, and suitcases that belonged to people who never got out of Auschwitz. The guide told us also about the horrible experiments that were performed on the poor people.

One of the pictures showed some horrible words said by a Nazi officer Thierack Otto: “We must free the German nation of Poles, Russians, Jews, gypsies”.

Credit pictures: Peto David

I still remember the words of George Santayana who said that “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

I was deeply touched by everything I saw in Auschwitz.


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