Mixed feelings

I have been recently hired by a company which I thought would be a valuable privilege for the professional beginning of my life and it certainly is, but I have to work remotely.

At first, I did not know exactly what requires this kind of job, adaptation being a rather complicated process, as I have to work at distance from my office colleagues. At that time it was just me with my own thoughts and uncertainties, in a work environment that did not convey me the idea of the traditional way of working.

The first week has passed, and in my mind it is still held a battle between my thoughts and my mixed feelings. I will begin by saying that I cannot understand the ease with which some people can work far from each other nowadays. I am aware that each company has its own conditions of deployment, but as far as I am concerned, I am definitely the social type of person. I simply adore to be surrounded by people, to communicate and the impossibility in terms of this kind of working represents an inconceivable aspect to me.

It is obvious that working remotely has also advantages and one of them is surely represented by the decreasing of peer pressure that occurs in almost every field. In addition, I can admit that working from home had a real impact on clearing my schedule; in this way, I can focus on my personal life, too.

As I said, at first I felt like a cog in a machine when all my efforts made me feel as if they were not enough, did not pay off. After all, I realised that I do not prefer working remotely as I lose some extraordinary aspects of working in an office, namely face to face conversations with my colleagues, the atmosphere which means everything, the labour market which also expresses the idea of working in a team and so many other important things.



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