CASIAN NEGRUŢ: Wonders of Asia

Asia is the place where miracles happen. A well-known miracle is The Cave of the Three Bridges from Lebanon.

The 255 m tall waterfall in Bataara Canyon offers a spectacular view because in the cave there are three natural bridges one above the other and the waterfall flows into the bridges.

The Mount Roraima is a great tourist attraction situated in Venezuela. This is the highest tepui mountain in the word – tepui is a special top mountain, that is also called mesa or table top. In the language of the Pemon Indians, tepui means “house of gods”.

The book in which you will find the miracles I have talked about is called Natural wonders of the world by Aquila Publishing House.

From my point of view, this book can help you a lot when you want to visit this beautiful word.


casian negrut



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