ANTONIA TĂȘNADE: Be a traveler while at home!

The Aquila Publishing House has just released this year an extremely interesting and educational atlas about the natural world wonders named Minunile naturale ale lumii,which is bilingual: in Romanian and English.

While you can enrich your general knowledge significantly,you can also learn a lot of new words and expression in another language

If you’re planning a trip aboard this atlas is here to help you again: it has natural wonders on all continents.

If you don’t have a generous budget to reach other continents, one of the wonders is in Romania: Sfinxul si Babele, some wonderful rock formations.

The atlas contains a lot of interesting things that you probably didn’t know about: Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world; Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt field in the world; Etna Volcano is the most active volcano in Europe or that in Turkmenistan is a crater named “Door to hell” which has been burning for over 45 years.

It has the answers to all your curiosities and you won’t regret to have such a valuable book in your bookcase.



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