Peace in the world

Throughout history, people have been all struggling to achieve one major goal: a new world, without wars, without hunger and without any kind of sufferance, all in all, a heavenly world. However, achieving that goal proved to be, if not impossible, at least harder than anyone had ever imagined.

Believe it or not, most of the wars in human history that weren’t generated by a fight for resources were actually started in the name of peace. The best example in this case is World War II. Although it was indeed backed by an economic crisis, it was mainly ignited by Hitler’s ideology, which, leaving aside his aberrant ideas about racism, were actually founded on the will of uniting the entire world under a huge empire, the 1000 years Reich which ought to stop any kind of wars and be the home of the ‘superior race’. However, we all know the 1000 years glorious Reich actually was a 5 year reign of terror which turned into a genocide. That’s how easy a will of peace can turn into a will of war.

In our urge for reaching peace, we went through the hippie age. ‘Flower power’ was a movement that changed the whole world, which started as a simple protest against the war of Vietnam. For almost 20 years, people throughout the world were all dressing hippie-style, driving hippie-styled cars, and singing hippie-themed songs. It seemed like the whole world was going through an age of ‘Love and Peace’, and everything was possible. After all, the movement had stopped a war. However, the drums of war thundered once again: The gulf war had started, and this time everyone was watching it on TV, as if it was some sort of reality-show. It seemed like the war against war couldn’t be won.

Finally, looks like whatever we try to do to stop war, there will always be something to start one again. From seemingly minor reasons, like the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, which leaded to the start of World War I, to the global resource crisis, which started all modern conflicts, the world will never run out of reasons to start a fight. War, horrible as it is, seems to be part of human nature, while the angelic peace seems to be nothing more but a utopia. After all, we can’t change our own nature, can we? Only time will tell…



Acest text i-a adus lui Vlad Ardelean o clasare pe locul trei la concursul de eseuri „Peace in the world / A better world”, organizat de Catedra de Engleză a Liceului Teoretic Onisifor Ghibu în Săptămâna Educaţiei Globale, 14-18 noiembrie


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